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Secure Platform for International Claims Management

It's all about process. RMA sees the settlement and collection of invoices as the culmination of a well-performed process that aims at bridging compliance requirements. The following functionality may be achieved through RMA.

Unlimited 24/7 Support, Training and Service

Our agents are available at all hours to perform any or all services involved with your management of international patient accounts.

ASIA Presence

Located in Gurgaon, India, we are in a business hub that allows for reliable domestic and cross-border financial transactions, convenient jurisdiction for dispute resolution, and convenient access to the offices of major insurers.

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Eligibility: Verification of Benefits, GOPs, Extensions

Providers use our platform to supply payers with specific information necessary to issue a payment guarantee and communicate relevant policy information. Our tools allow providers to communicate specific information to appropriate ICD and CPT codes which allows insurers to more easily identify excluded events up front, such as pre-existing conditions and certain non-covered medical items, such as certain medical devices and hospital amenities.