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RMA Outpatient/ Inpatient: Direct Billing General Network
Inpatient Direct Billing:

For inpatient treatment, RMA can arrange direct billing if proper notifications and documentation are provided and subject to the hospital’s agreement. If you would like RMA to arrange direct billing for inpatient services, please inform your hospital and notify RMA at least 24 hours prior to admission or for a planned surgery/ procedure/ operation.

Eligible Outpatient Direct Billing Services:

Diagnostic procedure such as CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography or other investigations for chronic conditions as well as inpatient and out patient surgery require per-authorization which can be obtained by completing claims form and submitting it to Roy Medical Assistance.

For information on how to access direct billing, please refer to claims instruction in your insurance card or contact Roy Medical Assistance.


Providers may charge from time to time. Please check with Roy Medical Assistance